martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

After attending Morelia's Miguel Bernal Jimenez Music Festival and Contenedor de Arte Contemporáneo second annual exhibition entitled Transcripciones Musicalograficas, at Palacio Clavijero, the public and many of the artists converged on Tata Mezcaleria.  Reminiscinet of Prohibition Era speakeasies, patrons ring a doorbell on the limestone door and are ushered in by smiling faces. 

A welcoming atmosphere is created through a fun mixture of Mexican modern crafts and art; handmade, miniature toy furniture line a section of a shelf behind the bar and the agave inspired painting by Rodrigo Treviño hangs in the entry way, as if to say "bienvendo, try some mezcal and here's to your health ". The shelves of the bar are lined with gleeming, crystal clear mezcal bottles, some with monochromatic labels, while others catch the eye and make you want to take a closer look. Mezcal isn't the only thing on the menu; sopes, enchiladas, taquitos, mole, local meats like rabbit and lamb, as well as salmon and chicken are incorporated into Tata Mezcaleria's take on Mexican nouvelle cuisine, or should I say, la nueva cocina mexicana.  Locally brewed La Bru and Mystika beers also are on the menu. 

Located on Bartolome de las Casas number 511, several blocks from El Barrio de los Negros, Tata Mezcaleria is defiantly worth checking out for anyone interested in artesanales foods, drinks and a relaxed, colorful setting.

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